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Be Warm. Shred Longer.
50% of heat loss is from the neck up. Thermal face protection in the cold provides a top-down physiological advantage by helping to maintain your overall core temperature allowing extended shred time. Facial cooling can decrease finger blood flow, reducing finger temperature.Airhole Owns the Hole.
Research and testing has proven that Airhole Facemasks have the perfect size, shape, and positioned breathing hole. Wearers can now breathe, talk, and drink freely while being protected from the unyielding elements. Repels Bacteria & Idiots.
There’s nothing worse than finding germs, mold, or fungus on a garment, except maybe finding a live bear in your livingroom. Bacteria are some pretty damn nasty visitors and we found a way to repel them – Airholes have Antimicrobial coatings to do just that.

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